Department of Resident Life

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Becoming a Resident Assistant at the University of Maryland has proven to be one of the most challenging and most rewarding leadership positions I’ve taken on thus far. I have seen myself mature in the roll, as well as watched the growth of 41 freshmen and sophomore women. I have learned to collaborate with twelve other staff members, whose opinions often differ from mine, in order to provide the best environment for our residents. I live in the North Hill Community, where I’m responsible for the safety and community engagement of over 500 residents living throughout five buildings.

I appreciate the people that this position has brought into my life. My staff and my residents are each unique in their majors, their upbringings, their personalities and I love getting to know each of them personally. Working as an RA has showed me the differences that people can bring to a group, but in that is also uniqueness that contributes to the group dynamic. After this experience, I feel that I work better in groups and try harder to understand each member.

Resident Assistant
Aug. 2015 – present

  • Build community, promote safe living space and mediate conflicts for 40 freshmen and sophomore female residents
  • Collaborate with 12 other staff members to engage over 500 community residents
  • Provide opportunities for social and academic growth by creating bi weekly educational community programs
  • Conduct rounds to enforce campus policy and monitors and documents behavioral concerns
  • Assist hall council through helping further develop floor representatives leadership
  • Committed to serving as a positive liaison and representative of the University

Teaching Assistant (HESI470 – Intro to Student Personnel)
Jan. 2016 – May 2016

  • Provided insight to 75 future Resident Assistants during weekly lectures
  • Contributed to lectures with first-hand experiences and answered questions


Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Circle


ODK is a national leadership honor society that recognizes not only academic achievement but also campus leadership across the five phases of campus life:IMG_0230

  • Scholarship
  • Athletics
  • Campus or Community Service, Social or Religious Activities, and Campus Government
  • Journalism, Speech and the Mass Media
  • Creative and Performing Arts

Personally, I excel in the the “Campus or Community Service” phase of leadership. I intend to pursue a leadership role in the organization and continue to be inspired by the incredible “leaders among leaders” who surround me. What makes the organization special is that once students are inducted, their leadership careers continue to grow. In the ODK spirit, I plan to continue in my current leadership roles, as well as adopt new ones.

Communications Coordinator
May 2016 – present

  • Keep track of member points earned by attending ODK events
  • Correspond with ODK National members and other ODK Circles
  • Represented the Sigma Circle by attending ODK’s Biennial Convention and Leadership Conference in Grand Rapids, MI

Dec. 2015 – present

  • Attend ODK social events, network with other leaders and help select the next class of “leaders among leaders” for Sigma Circle membership
  • Before I was tapped into ODK in Fall 2015, I won the organization’s Top Ten Freshman Award in Spring 2014


Alternative Breaks Experience

IMG_1805The Alternative Breaks program engages individuals in short-term service-learning experiences that challenge social, political and economic structures of our global community. Through reflection, education and service, Alternative Breaks develops mutually beneficial community partnerships, critical thinking and leadership skills to create a socially just world.

My trip to Huntington, WV immersed me in an unfamiliar community where I was forced to step out of my comfort zone and into the shoes of the people there. The trip focused on childhood nutrition and wellness and I saw firsthand the economic disparities in West Virginia. I captured our trip in this recap video.

My second trip to Harlan, KY again challenged me to work with a new group of people and see the world through a different lens. I came to appreciate the kind people of Harlan and the hardships the town has faced since the decline of the coal industry.

The experiences put my life into perspective and opened my eyes to issues that people in America are facing every day. I got my hands dirty on a farm, played with middle school girls, and painted more than I ever have before. I saw the impact one group can have in just one week, motivating me to continue serving when I returned to College Park.

Bland, Virginia Experience Leader
May 2016 – present

  • Will be co-leading a service-learning experience to Bland, Virginia in March 2017 with a focus on socioeconomic equity

Harlan, Kentucky Participant
March 2016

  • Spent time learning about the history of Harlan by visiting the Kentucky Coal Mining Museum and Portal 31, an old coal mine, as well as talking with community membersIMG_3912
  • Painted and power washed at the Cumberland Hope Community, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center for women
  • Read to elementary students and talked to eighth grade students about college
  • Learned about Christ’s Hands outreach programs, in addition to sorting clothing and serving an evening meal
  • Painted bleachers at the baseball field for Harlan Independent High School
  • Tidied grounds and painted a fence at Camp Blanton
  • Hiked through Cumberland Gap State Park and Kingdom Come to appreciate the beauty of Kentucky

Huntington, West Virginia Participant
March 2015

  • Spent two days at the Boys and Girls Club of Huntington with IMG_1838kids ages 5 to 15 playing knockout and limbo, coloring pictures, and learning cheers
  • Worked on an organic farm clearing the green house, prepping the field and helping wire an electric fence
  • Planned an activity for kids at the School Age Connections, a day care program for children ages 5 to 12
  • Learned about the Family Child Care Food Program, a nutrition based program that reimburses child care providers for serving healthy meals to the children in their care


Residence Hall Association


The RHA represents the voices of over 11,000 on-campus residents at Maryland. Working with the North Hill Area Council was one of my first leadership roles on campus where I learned to collaborate with a diverse group of people. I helped impact the direct community, bringing me closer to those with whom I lived. I am still involved in this organization because I believe we really do make a difference on the campus and the community.

North Hill Area Council RA Advisor
Aug. 2015 – May 2016

  • Attended weekly meetings to oversee the transition of the new council because I’ve experienced the responsibilities and events for two years. Three of my residents were on the council so it was great to see them grow and take on responsibilities

North Hill Area Council Presidentrhaaward
Aug. 2014 – May 2015

  • Awarded Area Council President of the Year in May 2015, nominated by my council and selected by the executive board members
  • Prepared an agenda each week for the 12-person council
  • Led discussions about relevant campus events and ideas for new community events

North Hill Area Council Vice President of Communications & Marketing
Sept. 2013 – May 2014

  • Attended weekly meetings and recorded minutes
  • Helped plan and activate monthly social and educational events


University of Maryland Visitor Center

um_sealWorking at the Visitor Center allowed me to do what I love most–talk to people! As we greeted new visitors each day, I talked about the school I am so proud to attend and answered as many questions as I could. Each interaction prepared me for a life of interviewing and sharpened my listening skills. I enhanced my ability to multitask, as well as work efficiently under pressure when we had a full house of visitors.

Communications Coordinator
Jan. 2015 – May 2015

  • Created and designed weekly newsletters using Adobe InDesign to circulate to staff and supervisors
  • Assisted professional staff in redesigning Visitor Center webpage and providing educational content
  • Promoted from Visitor Services Associate

Visitor Services Associate
Jan. 2014 – May 2015

  • Worked the Visitor Center desk and provided maps and verbal tours for campus visitors, as well as answered the phone and other questions that arose


Terp Thon

terp-thon-logoTerp Thon is a student group that organizes a year-long fundraising effort to raise money and awareness for Children’s National Health System in Washington DC. In March, the fundraising total is revealed after a day of dancing for 12 hours, to represent the typical length of a nurse’s shift at Children’s National.IMG_8592

Both of my roles with Terp Thon involved tremendous amounts of teamwork and communication. I was lucky to see other students working towards a goal with such passion and determination. I was inspired to seek out causes for which I care so deeply.

Advertising Committee Video Captain
May 2014 – March 2015

  • Planned and executed several videos to advertise Terp Thon, with the three other video team members
  • Filmed and photographed all Terp Thon events

Events Committee Member
Sept. 2013 – March 2014

  • Participated in planning and organizing all of Terp Thon’s events leading up to the March event, including the 12-hour dance marathon itself


CIVICUS Living & Learning Program

CIVICUS mug logo F09CIVICUS is a two year invitational academic citations program focused on citizenship, leadership, community-service learning, community building in a diverse society, and scholarship. Based on the ideals of a living and learning program, I lived in the same building for two years with the same students with whom I was in classes.

Each semester I participated in several hours of IMG_8858community service in Maryland and DC, and I learned how to be a leader and an active citizen within my community. Over two years, I became more knowledgeable and aware of the issues facing people within miles of me and what I could do to make a positive impact.

I have CIVICUS to thank for many of my current friendships, my first internship and my passion for service-learning. The program directors encouraged me to get involved right away and provided me with all the resources to do so. I have met so many CIVICUS alumni and immediately feel connected because we are part of the same family.

Student Assistant
Nov. 2014 – present

  • Coordinate and produce video and photo content for the program website
  • Cater videos to incoming students so they can better understand the program and get to know the current students, encouraging them to join the program

Aug. 2013 – May 2015

Courses included the following, total 14 credits:

  • BSCV181 – CIVICUS Student & the University
  • BSCV191 – Intro to CIVICUS
  • BSCV182 – CIVICUS & Service-Learning
  • SOCY105 – Intro to Contemporary Social Problems
  • BSCV301 – Leadership in a Multicultural Society
  • BSCV302 – CIVICUS Capstone