Discovery CommunicationsDiscovery_Channel_logo
Social Media Intern for Discovery Channel

June 2016 – Aug. 2016     Silver Spring, MD

IMG_4758Back at Discovery Communications, I had the chance to see the company from a different perspective. As a member of Discovery Channel‘s Digital/ Social Media Team, every day was a new adventure.

It was interesting to see the backend of a popular show, like Deadliest Catch, and watch how fans engaged through social platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

In addition to overseeing the Deadliest Catch account, I also worked on Shark Week by researching for Sharkopedia, crafting live tweets for four Shark Week shows, creating shark-themed crafts on Snapchat and playing with the “shark puppies” at the Washington Animal Rescue League.

I also worked with shows including Hello World!Alaska: The Last Frontier, and Harley and the Davidsons during my time on the social media team.

The world of social media is always changing and I loved thinking of new ways to use words and images to engage with a human audience.

  • ŸCrafted live tweets for weekly Deadliest Catch episodes; posted to Twitter, Facebook & Instagram accounts
  • ŸResearched & created shark-themed crafts for Shark Week Snapchat
  • Crafted live tweets for four Shark Week shows and contributed research and quiz questions to Sharkopedia
  • Pulled video lifts for Deadliest Catch & Hello World! to publish on Discovery site using Fusion CMS


Discovery Communicationsdiscovery-logo
Community Outreach Intern

Feb. 2016 – April 2016     Silver Spring, MD

IMG_3631While working at Discovery Communications I had the opportunity to engage with a whole community of interns and take responsibility for providing a positive experience. I was the connection between managers and interns, communicating events and opportunities that interns would like to see with the Intern Team, who made that happen.

Designing personalized spotlights for interns allowed me to expand on my creative skills using Adobe InDesign and Piktochart. It challenged me to constantly think of stimulating ways to display information. I also did research each day to find and create content for the Intern Program Facebook page.

I loved arriving each day to see co-workers with smiling faces and positive attitudes. My manager really cared about my success and was always asking how she could better help me get the most out of my internship.

  • ŸInitiated “Intern Spotlight” series, highlighting interns with personalized infographics each week
  • ŸBuilt and maintained strong intern community by planning & attending events, and engaging with interns
  • Curated and created content for Intern Program Facebook page
  • ŸDirected, filmed and edited promotional Intern Program video


University of Maryland Communications & Marketingum_seal
Multimedia Production Intern

Sept. 2015 – Dec. 2015     College Park, MD

Working for the Video Department was a great opportunity to learn about the amazing people and projects that exist at the University, and see how the University markets them. Each day offered a new experience–bee colonies on the roof of an academic building, President Loh’s holiday message, and working with a student-athlete, just to name a few.

In my role, I learned the ins and outs of professional video equipment, as well as what goes on at a shoot. I saw the amount of planning, patience and man-power that goes into a few seconds of video. The small team demonstrated how important communication is, as well as having a diverse skill set.

I was also trusted with editing together this snowy compilation, previously filmed and photographed.

  • Assisted on weekly video shoots across campus to highlight work and achievements of students and staff
  • Logged film clips and edited video packages to creatively market the University


Robert H. Smith School of Businesscolor-smithlogo
Video Editing Assistant

Oct. 2015 – present    College Park, MD

The IT team at the Robert H. Smith School of Business has allowed me a unique look into freelance work. They contact me on an as-needed basis and give me a timeline to complete the projects. It is a new experience for me to just be one piece of the video making process, instead of seeing it through from beginning to end.

The videos I work on are used in Smith School classes, mainly in online or blended learning situations. As a student in the Smith School, I’ve seen some of my own videos integrated into my coursework.

Teamwork is another important skill I exercise in this position, because if my task is delayed, then the rest of the process gets backed up. Communicating efficiently is another vital part of this position because when deadlines need to be met, our entire team needs to be in the loop.

  • Collaborate with staff to produce professional quality video lessons, on as-needed basis

  • Apply innovative technology to promote the Smith School brand and enhance online learning


ABC’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrestrockineve
Production Assistant

Dec. 2014 & Dec. 2015    New York, NY

IMG_3416The two weeks I spent as a Production Assistant opened my eyes to the multitude of career possibilities in the broadcasting field. For the first time, I saw the incredible amount of work and preparation and people that go into such a major televised production.

This past year I was chosen to be a stand-in during rehearsals, so I was tasked with reading Jenny McCarthy’s lines from the teleprompter. The experience was not only fun, but educational because I saw how hard the talent has to work to sound effortless for her audience, as well as how hard the team behind the scenes works to make sure the show is flawless.

I arrived each day eager to please and impress my supervisor, always asking what there was to be done and trying to anticipate her next need. I made myself available to my supervisor, and anyone else that might need something accomplished.

Here, the importance of networking was reenforced, because everyone knows everyone in “the business”. I made a conscious effort to be assertive and introduce myself to everyone I met. I’m proud to say that I worked very hard and have been recommended for future opportunities because of my work at NYRE.

  • Aided producers and directors with logistical tasks and organization during rehearsals and live show

  • Acted as talent stand-in during show rehearsals, reading teleprompter and taking cues


meridianMeridian International Center
Communications Intern

Feb. 2015 – Aug. 2015     Washington, DC

IMG_1889I could not have asked for a better first internship experience than working at Meridian International Center. After working with friendly professionals, being trusted with important tasks and meeting incredible global leaders, Meridian set the bar high for my future internships.

The Communications Team at Meridian included two people and myself, so I was involved in almost everything they did. I was solely involved in editing together video interviews with ambassadors, and was given total creative license with the final products.

Each day was something new, so I learned to multitask very quickly. I became a trusted member of the Meridian family, invited to attend social media meetings and review the major annual report before going to print. After I completed my spring and summer internships, I was invited back to help film several cultural events. I cannot thank my colleagues and supervisors at Meridian enough for instilling confidence in myself, as well as my in my production skills.

  • Filmed and edited 14 video interviews using Adobe Premiere Pro and 4 podcasts using Adobe Audition

  • Transferred online content from previous website to modernized WordPress website

  • Contributed written content to online blog and proofread promotional brochures and annual report