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3.75 GPA
Expected Graduation: May 2017

  • The University of Maryland was named a Top 20 Public College by Business First in February 2016

Philip Merrill College of Journalism
Bachelor of Arts: Broadcast News

Robert H. Smith School of Business
Minor: General Business

  • The Smith School is ranked No. 22 for undergraduate business programs in the U.S. by U.S. News in 2015

Relevant Courses

Info 3.0: Exploring Technological Tools (JOUR289i)
Prof. Ron Yaros
Incorporated blogging and tweeting into coursework and multimedia final project
Intro to Computer Programming for the Web (CMSC122)
Prof. Fawzi Emad
Learned and practiced basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills
Interactive Design and Development (JOUR352)
Prof. Mark W. Smith
Learned to write for the web and develop more HTML and CSS skills, using WordPress
Foundations of Accounting (BMGT210)
Prof. Eugene Cantor
Developed basic knowledge of accounting principals
Broadcast Reporting (JOUR360)
Prof. Cassandra Clayton
Refined Adobe Premiere Pro and interviewing skills
Foundations of Finance (BMGT345)
Prof. Sue White
Developed basic knowledge of finance
Television Reporting and Production (JOUR361)
Prof. Josh Davidsburg
Produced high-quality news packages, with standups and natural sound
Foundations of Marketing (BMGT355)
Prof. Mary Harms
Learned how to market myself and began to understand the basics of marketing a business
Media Entrepreneurship (JOUR455)
Prof. David Cross
Developed business idea and followed the idea through the process to a business proposal
Business Writing (ENGL394)
Prof. Daune O’Brien
Practiced and refined professional writing skills, including proposals and correspondence
Foundations of Management (BMGT395)
Prof. Nicole Coomber
Learned people skills for the work place, in addition to approaching managerial situations